Of all categories of art, my practice has been focused on self-portraits, which can be most primitive and fundamental yet extremely tricky. I have been exploring my own unique way of approaching these propositions.
In the simple processes of painting, this practice has been something like a navigation system for me to find emotions and ideals that I have not yet been aware of. I always find two overlapping perspectives in this process; eyes to observe myself and eyes to see something familiar.

I consider that painting should be a means of communication. It is a device to deliver a message over time, if not a spectacle like installations and performances. Characters and toys all over my paintings are essential elements of my microcosms, and also icons that I can share with the viewer. Growing up in Japan surrounded by values of KAWAII had certainly affected me. I believe my paintings are made by comparing myself and the world that enjoys such culture.

Through these techniques and emotions in my work, I always hope to construct a moment that brings the viewer back to their unforgettable memories just like when unwrapping a present..